Oversized Haulage services Birmingham and other services

Transport of large dimensions is a complicated and demanding undertaking. Much, of course, depends on the type of cargo. Low-loader transport, oversized Haulage services Birmingham of cars using specially adapted platform cars takes place regularly and can even be called routine. Meanwhile, low-loader transport of agricultural and industrial machinery or wind turbine blades must be treated individually and is a big logistical challenge

In oversized transport and oversized Haulage services Birmingham, every detail must be taken into account, detailing and planning the transport route. There is no room for mistakes here, because they mean huge costs and major traffic difficulties. Therefore, the transport organizer must anticipate all obstacles – not only bridges, tunnels or viaducts, but also seemingly trivial issues such as the height of curbs on bends or weather conditions.

What’s more, each oversized Haulage services Birmingham is a completely new challenge. Each oversize load must be disassembled, loaded and secured differently, and then unloaded and assembled (transporting a historic aircraft such as the Mig-21 will require different logistics than transporting a historic World War II armored personnel carrier). The route also needs to be planned differently each time. Even if most of the route coincides with previous orders, it will still be different in the initial and final sections. Each oversized Haulage services in Birmingham therefore requires separate documentation and a separate plan. The matter is even more complicated when oversized international transport is involved.